Ten years with you 

Happy birthday my love

Ten years ago
Belly swollen
Headphones touching
Rockin Bob Marley
Always got you moving and kicking
The most euphoric feeling
Motions of sweet sensation
Washing me with healing
My precious son
Caught up in my womb
Seedling stretching
To the most gorgeous pain living
24 hours of exhaustive labor
Sweating screaming
No drugs
Am I dying?
Then there you were
A swarm of dark hair
Precious angel
The brightest star
At last I see you, cradling my son
A commotion of
Butterflies bewildered
Experiencing true love
For the very first time
Hi…hi baby boy
My baby boy
Nursing the purest nutrition
From my breasts lactation
Indescribable bonding
You carry the most sensitive heart
Held tightly together
Ten years of mad surrender
Worth every last torn drop
And I will never ever stop
There are no words
From God to Shakespeare
Stevie to Kahlil
To ever convey the magical swarming
Awakening my entire being
That coos and sings
Your name
Desperately in love
Ten years of wonder with you
The us of Mama and Roo
Happy birthday baby!
Love, mom 🙂

27 thoughts on “Ten years with you 

      1. I can see and feel that. Hold on tight every day, they grow up ever so quickly, sometimes it feels like yesterday my oldest was coming home for the first time and I couldn’t figure how to secure him, before fancy car seats. Ended up using ratcheted strap system from my military luggage and a duffel bag. those were the days.

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      2. ))’)) thankfully, I worked with some aircraft mechanics who helped us design a sturdier solution. Kids still enjoy hearing stories about the oldest Siblings and our “adventures.” My first bed was a #10 Men’s shoe box inside an antique nightstand. I was a preemie like my Sis and her Twin Daughters. Twins and preemies are a family tradition apparently. ❤

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      3. Aww wow! Sounds like you’re children are very loved as well :))
        I bet you and the aircraft mechanics were able to come up with something pretty amazing. Not a bad team to work on solutions with 😉

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      4. And they were Germans, no slouchers at all. Old time work ethics and belief in craftsmanship to withstand time. We had that “seat” until we left in 1993, my Goddaughter will use it for her soon to be first daughter. Just different color paints over the years. Her Dad had the original idea, American cars were built a little different than the European models, too.

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      1. I don’t have any kids but my students bring me joy. There is just something so refreshing about being around children. If I’m reluctant to get out of bed in the morning I remind myself that I’m needed. Plan to get back to daily blog reading very soon. I will be reading more of your story. Hugs

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