Drag of Sorrow

screaming from my deathbed

Puffing on these veins
Your death has sucked
The life out of me
With a missing smile
And sharpened teeth
Plunging your heartbeat
Into the graveyard of memory
I find it hard to remember
Without choking on the chills of
The way we played
The melody that danced between us
Now a string of fractured notes
Lost without a rhythm
Try to recreate your scent
By burning every last cigarette
Until 3 a.m
When our conversations usually ended
Now the vapors hang the loudest
Death stole you
Before we were ready
It’s the heaviest drag of sorrow
My lungs exposed
Decomposed and unsteady

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9 thoughts on “Drag of Sorrow

  1. beautiful world that you’ve created …….
    that fine writing, short stories
    a wonderful surprise for me
    you have to be a beautiful person
    as it is your world.
    I embrace souldiergirl
    thanks for your post this.


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