Mama Bear


Mama bear
With eyes of steel
Forged in the dungeon
of self protection
Can no longer lean on the comfort of self mutilation
Or the escape
of sniffing powdered lines of elation
Given three angels to raise with a raw affection
She is the rain for them
May they evolve with sharpened blades of intuition
She is the sun for them
May they feel the light emerge from a darkened past
She arms her heart and home
She raises them alone
A protector from skin to bones
Never having been in love
Until the arrival of her first son
Everything changed
Every sacrifice made
Thickened into a mama bear
Her love that feeds and protects
Is the same love
You should fear

16 thoughts on “Mama Bear

  1. exactly how a mama bear is and should be
    this is a tough subject for me but I love reading/knowing when a mama loves her cubs
    just beautiful SG xxx

    “Never having been in love
    Until the arrival of her first son” My favorite line, this just felt so good but sad too.

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