High on Anxiety

DSCN1179 (2)

My hearts beating so fast

And heavy
Feels like a stone
Thump thump thumping
A pattern of manic beats
Paranoid and ready
Expecting the unexpected
As it happened before
Shock and horror
Barging through the front door
Now those experiences lurk inside me
I evaluate and weigh the probability
Of the monsters life expectancy
It’s like a thrill ride
Without the gravity
A bad dream
When you wake up falling
It’s my memories calling
My intuition warning
Sometimes the mutt hides in the night
And rises with the morning
Terror dripping and weaving
Dissecting every inch of my strung up feelings
My pulse is revved up
And it’s impossible to sleep
Welcome to the night of an insomniac
High on anxiety beats

14 thoughts on “High on Anxiety

      1. Actually,,, i broke up with him,,it’s been upcoming for a while, I wanted to stay friends, but he’s too ego driven,, Men! Onward and upward though, I did cry last night and now I’m here, laying in bed, awake,, tossing, turning, pissed,,,at 2:46 AM,,, ughhhh

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      2. Oh honey-dammit! Crying is good- I’m drinking wine (straight from the bottle) yes they can’t handle the friend word. You’re wonderful and super talented and beautiful- keep going Darie. 💜💜💜💜

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      3. I’m going to come to Europe when my house closes,, I want to have an adventure and blog in different Homes and kitchens,,, and countries etcetera,, I have a friend I met on FB years ago,, she is letting me stay with her,, I’m so scared and excited,,let me know if u have anyone over there who would like a boarding blogger !! Thanks for your kind words. 😘😘

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