I need you

i need you

I need you

To wash my body with your tears
I need you
To behold my vulnerability
As I deliver it and care for yours
so delicately
I need you to be a true friend
Let’s become a living definition
Of souls bonded in existence
I need you
To take this cigarette
And share it with me
While we stay up all night
With the moon at our feet
I need you
To walk this jagged edge with me
To revel openly
To love me silently
To trust intuitively
That fear is only a mockery
A jest to prevent your bravery
I won’t betray the secrecy
I’m offering my fragility
To a worth I see in your soliloquy
I am what you believe of me
Through shifting times
And changing skies
I offer this truth
I know you need me
Just as
I need you

15 thoughts on “I need you

  1. I decided to go back in time and look at your beautiful light from further away. It shines with no less heat and brilliance than it does as I know you now. You are beautiful, SisterHeart. I don’t know why our souls have locked in this embrace but, you are a powerful spirit and I find each and every meeting makes me smile. You’re a powerful and strong Lady, Shieldmaiden. I love this one. So delicate and powerful all at the same time. Speechless at the end of reading bc it demands a reverent pause. I hope you’re safe and we’ll tonight. ❤


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