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…My thief

I know I deserve you

I fought long and hard

clawed and marred

Through death and a beaten heart

Through malicious lies in front of

Innocent eyes torn apart

I feel you coming

The blood dances

through my veins surging

I feel you close

You submit my intuition

I don’t need you to save me

Just steal my mind

Pump your words powdered with

Poetic ammunition

Revive my inspiration

I don’t need you to say

“baby it’s all gonna be ok”

Just steal me from my bed

Carry me into the rain

Pull me by my braids

To a dark and soaking place

I don’t need you to fix my past

Just steal my future

End your night into my day

Your mouth stealing pleasure

After me like a vulcher

I feel you coming closer

Postured and on the hunt

Ridding my doorway of

The wolf in sheep’s clothing

My relentless thief

A stolen invitation

26 thoughts on “Thief

  1. You are a gifted user of words. Though I imagine that stems from pain and related emotions that make it so words are all we have.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all the “About Me” stuff on my page. I feel flattered and stalked at the same time.

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    1. Well i figured the background checks could be mutual 😉 i was so moved by your honesty. I still shove so much down and just admire you to the core. I didn’t want to “like” that last page, because i hurt reading about your deep hurts and i felt it incomplete without my fist in some assholes (putting it lightly) face. But this is about you now and thank you for being real and inspiring. I’ll probably keep stalking you, just sayin’.

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      1. Stalk away. But whatever you do – dont hurt for me. It took me ten years to talk about most of it. Those about me pages hold little present reference for me now. The post about the fire… That is the demon i fight with daily. All the rest feels like “fluff” in comparison. And it is not just about me babe. Its about all of us, collectively, being heard and being able to speak. Im no angel… And I have done just as much damage to others as what has been done to me. In revenge, and in selfish self destruct mode. Xx

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      1. Wow…that’s awesome! Ok added them to my Spotify list.

        Here’s another one for you:

        Group is called “Of Verona”
        Songs are: the enemy
        Dark in my imagination
        Fall like roses.

        Check those out!! 🙂

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