This summers too much 

A scorching sun I was forced to touch

Blackout winds 
I got lost in the flush 
While you set yourself free
Your broken chains covered me
Endless debris
I search for an elusive peace
But all I see are crowded streets 
I’m soaked in shrouds of blue
Scribbling outside the lines we use to see through 
I gave up hope to the almighty
My life in his hands to live if He lets me
Otherwise I’m tied in these binds
With steel cut limbs and a heavy mind 
Soaked in black next to a naive bride 
Bleeding upon her
Wisdom from my torn up pride 
Soon she will run
If she has common sense and a willing hand
Settle into the reality of nightmares
Burn your own flame
Sink into your house of sand 
Let everything that divides you 
Fade away 
And learn to stand 

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