Silly Little Rabbit

He jumps into holes when he cannot see
I suppose he is hoping he will land on both feet
Always assuming he’s playing for keeps
But assuming positions him down on his knees 
For assumption is the offspring of arrogance in heat
He hacked into the electronic pulses of me
I suppose he wanted to find a tasty treat 
Something beyond what his knowledge could read 
So he broke into my gated privacy 
But the wounds of assumption are claws on his keys 
Typing faster yet discovering nothing 
As a daughter of the Father I keep my treasures tightly guarded 
My most sacred gifts I wouldn’t share with an overzealous audience 
To assume they would value my precious secrets 
Is exactly how the rabbit got his foot in a keychain for existence 
Inside my mind is the storage of what’s true and relevant 
The artist on a trapeze that the rabbit could never catch 
Windows are just a scapegoat with open blinds 
As my poetry is just a front with pretty ryhmes 
A therapeutic session without being nickel and dimed 
But a hidden reality sways in the depths of me 
An exotic dancer under lock and key 
His assumptions are blindfolded, forbidden to see 
For my sealed lips, there is no possible entry. 

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