Before my morning mug

The annoyance of irony 

The drag of being alive today
The uncomfortable heaviness all over me 
The only comfort is being with you
But then again eventually you will leave too
The constant pang of the bitter truth
The way we can’t change the history of our roots 
The way the pain clings like a million knives 
The way they back stab and don’t bother to lie 
Sometimes I wish they would 
Just tell me that life is going to be grand 
That I was worth the sacrifice 
That I was worth not the wait
But worth it today
And today would feel great
As you slide the knives further in 
Under the guise of promises and a tailor made grin. 

44 thoughts on “Before my morning mug

      1. It’s like being in a public place. But you can set your account to private. My handle is @blade4hire and it’s public if you want to go look me up. 🙂 if you lock your account only the people you approve can see your tweets.

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      2. Once you make an account just follow mine. Eric@blade4hire then when I see you, I can follow you back., then you’ll be able to send me Direct Messages. Which only I can see and I’ll help you from there.

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