In the smallest corner 

of the smallest corner 
of the smallest corner 
of loneliness 
In the cradling arms of darkness 
Is where I see the light 
I am a mouse searching for the deadly cheese 
Only to learn there is already a growing poison within me 
I’m caught face to face with my own mortality 
The torturous wheel spins inside of me
And my lungs begin to strain 
And it hurts to breathe
I realize I may die without ever feeling the completion of a dream
I’m running out of time to live 
Grew up hearing about the fairytales of dreams coming to save 
What a cruel lie to preach 
life is very hard and life is very lonely 
life is a handful of dying moments and fading memories 
It’s a rotation of anger and sadness in the face of shock and acceptance 
We run until we can’t anymore 
the demons catch up and gloat 
I see my brother and my daughters names carved into gravestones 
And I ask the savior, where exactly do I find this elusive hope?

7 thoughts on “Life

    1. I agree- it does. However it still lingers within me and dammit I can’t let it go. Do you believe the ones we’ve lost send others to fill the void? Even fill it a little bit- if the void is a drained pool then this new person is just enough water to keep us from drying up…
      What are your thoughts?

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  1. I believe we are all destined to be part of this world for one reason or another. It is highly possible that some of us are here to be support for others who need it. I honestly believe there are no chance meetings or events. Things happen for a reason, that’s not to say that everything has a cheery reason for happening. Bad things happen to shape us and some of them are tragic. I could be very wrong and everything that happens does so purely by chance…but I believe that if I were to have undeniable truth about that..then I would go crazy because I don’t think I could live with some of the things that happen in this world.

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