Hail to the women 

Get ready for the introduction
Of yourself
Infront of the mirror 
Reflections like a window 
Stop letting negative images invade you
Pour them through a strainer
The small percentage is a keeper 
Mens manners kidnapped by the electronic reeper 
Internally stunted with childlike behavior 
Unzip their ages
Just grown men with baby faces
Researching the best way to master the game 
Playing their woman like she’s a body with no name 
Too scared to step into the shoes of the higher one 
A misguided example for their own sons
Women you are worthy to be praised 
Don’t settle for a twisted ignorance 
When your king still exists
Like an umbrella in the rain
He will cover you with love and not pain
Be patient be pursued 
His hunger will hunt for you
His heart will ravage the earth for you 
Honor your inward spirit with the proof 
Love yourself and rebirth 
Your sexy is in your intelligence
The truth it rests in your conscience
Strip away all the lies they’ve given you
What’s left is the stark naked truth
Bare skin bare bones
Reintroduce yourself 
Damn baby 

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