Big J

I miss you so much

My tears have flooded into 
An ancient tub where I sit
And write to you
With soft hands
In bubbles made of memories
I wonder what you would say tonight
To help get me to tomorrow
Be my angel
Ill ride on your shoulders
Like when we were younger
Fly me to a secret star 
So we can laugh together 
My brother and your little sister
I love you as Rumi loved his paper 
I love you as Jesus loved his mother
I love you as the bee loved his flower
And I will search for signs of you
Tho heaven may captivate the very soul of you
I pray they’ll gracefully sprinkle hints of you
To ride on the tails of windstorms and raindrops
To heave out through the heat of the suns gleam 
To peer against the spike of a moonbeam
To flow into the river bend
And crash against the shore where the ocean ends 
As I stand
Feeling your spirit again 
For I believe you hear me 
And your answers pattern the hope of my eternity
I love you Joe,
Little K 

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