We Choose Love

When my sister says she’s “good”

But I know she’s not 
Because her eyes say “I’m drowning”
I don’t press her with questions
I give her a bear hug and tell her she is amazing and that she is beautiful. 
When my best friend is feeling lonely Although she rarely admits this
But best friends are made to know 
I bombard her with my love every way I can. 
I keep her busy with so many pictures and messages, 
Hoping for even a moment 
She will feel my spirit right next to her. 
When my uncle tells me he’s devastated at unexpected turns in his life 
When his voice is quite 
I remind him I am here.  
I remind him he is loved. 
send him hilarious funnies. 
I know they make him laugh 
and laughter is healing. 
Now his sad face is turned toward the sun 
and his belly is shaking from the silly part of life. 
When I come to a valley and the way ahead is unknown and scary. 
My uncle goes to mass just to pray for me. 
He checks on me 
He reminds me he is here. 
He selflessly asks “how are you” 
He listens as I tell him. 
My best friend stands strong like a warrior 
She reminds me that I am one too. 
She insists on being the sunshine 
even giving cover to the moon. 
She lists all the reasons why everything’s not “going to be ok” 
but it’s gonna be awesome. 
I feel her tugging on my heart- 
She won’t ever let me forget she’s there.
My sister pushes me where I’m too afraid to go. 
She reminds me of all the times I’ve done it before. 
She took me cliff jumping and she went up with me so I wouldn’t be alone 
She loves me 
She will show up 
She will stay 
She won’t ever let me give up-
It’s not even an option 
because I’ve already done it. 
Before a big day when they know I’m nervous, 
My sister sends me jaw dropping pictures to distract me,
My best friend sends me inspiring quotes to empower me,
and my uncle sends me a funny picture because no matter what, it’s the one that alway makes me laugh…
And laughter is our healer 
Feels so good to be loved on and feels even better to love on others because active love is healing and we all need a little of that. :).  -Kristin 

23 thoughts on “We Choose Love

  1. I was taking a longer lunch reading on a day when I spent the most amazing weekend with my sister. I could not believe it when I read this! Also the mention of your sweet Uncle…I have a sweet Uncle Gunn who’s my best friend! He’s quite like this too! I love these constants in my life like this! We are so so blessed! This felt like a hug! I love that! I hope you have a great week! 😀 ღ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi sweetie! I love that you connected with this and felt hugged is even better-yes, we are blessed. Thank you for being here lovely lady. I hope you have a great week too-much light and peace and smiles too!


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