It is the middle of a hot summer night 

And all the windows are open
I beg for the breeze to tousle my hair 
It’s tied up from the sweat of an electric air 
After a long day I remove the tallness of me
The sparkling stilettos seem attached to my feet  
I go outside to embrace the mix of cold and heat
Put on my glasses and begin to read
I feel you like a paperweight as I begin to breathe 
The absence of company 
The way we rubbed our feet 
I thumb through the pages of a time we once shared 
I crinkle my nose in undies and a white shirt 
I keep my composer even though it hurts 
I’ve been removed from the home that we shared 
Although you never hung my picture there 
You captured my face then locked it in secret 
Love is now a glass broken in pieces 
The shock and awe of a young woman’s panic
The pain that remains perhaps is no accident 
I’ve been pushed outside our bedroom walls
Although I gave my body as a frame so you would not be alone 
It’s the middle of a hot summer night
And I am comforted in the arms of the outside 
I turn with the owl as he sits in his tree
I flip the pages on an ever changing eternity 
Not much the same after this long and winding day 
In the silent sky I begin to write my name 

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