Write about it

Write about the gut wrenching pain

That bleeds from stomach to heart
To pen to page 
The pain that makes my brain hurt 
Spins my mind like a ferris wheel 
And I choose not to look down 
There’s no view to admire
Just that terrible circus music
And a scary clown waving his hands 
So I stay on
Falling asleep to wake back up 
And running a marathon in between 
The life that got me here and the one I’m striving toward 
Write about the worst broken heart I’ve ever felt
A heart shared beautifully into another’s reach
A heart now expanding through trauma and grief
Write about how to get through each second
Do whatever you have to do but promise to make it
It will get better
Because as humans we have an amazing capibility to consistently grow stronger 
Become like a child, with a resilient behavior 
Write about all of it
The death-the shock-the sickness
The love-the beauty-the moments that stale from quickness
And how you overcame it 
Write it out and don’t forget 
It may seem terrifying now 
Or glorious now
When it changes, and it will
Look back on how you made it
To get to paradise
From the guts of laughter
To pen to paper
That’s how we will do it 

~for our future generations, we must share how we made it from yesterday, to a better place. 

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