Amanda, if I could of grabbed you

Shook you 
Saw you
Before the choice riddled you 
I would have told you
Shown you
Forced you
To fight it
Rise above this
You’re worthy of far beyond dreams of rainbows through shattered windows 
The chains and bows 
You adorn for strolls around a disoriented town
Are only slipknots
Yet you let them hold you down 
To a darkness you’re too afraid to spill
Your buttons are tight with added frills 
But I knew you back then
The mess on the other side of your smile
Dammit girl you had come so far
If you ever hear me through this
Jump from that rope 
Your destination is hope
Your beautiful intelligence
Your long island of exotic spirit
My healing hands
Braver and wittier than one can stand 
Just grab on
If my echoes reach you
Just follow the sunshine 
We will help you 

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