I think of that boy and his bunny
Just for play and for fun
Something to bring along
Or snuggle with when day is done
But he made him real with his love so powerful
Something hard to explain, from stuffed to live animal
You see, I understand his plight 
The longing for a realness 
That transcends all normalcy
The spark camouflaged within the stars at night
My muse, you have live wired me
Your magic hidden behind the shyness of thee
Has seeped right through to the very soul of me
You have awakened the sleepy, deadest parts of me
You have poured beauty into the ugliness 
You gave light to the loneliness
You brought forth a remarkable loveliness 
You said “this, my dear, is love” when I cried,
“I don’t know what love is”
You unburdened my shoulders about to crash where I stand 
You collected my bleeding life in your hands 
You carried my body when it fell a part
You moved me through the pain of a grieving heart 
You inspired me to wake up again 
Just like that bunny, you gave life to these limbs 
With one look one kiss and many tears
You burned down my wall, built up of fears 
I fell flatlined to the darkness of broken beats
Then muse, you gave my heart her wings 
Tenderly loving each of my pieces
You’ve made me real by showing me what love is. 


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