The days slip by

Where you haven’t said a word to me
I placate the consequences 
of shrouding the transparency
The heart is swollen
And my mind my favored company 
My fingers Interrogate 
The very flesh of me 
You wouldn’t even know 
How I met a fool trying to take the best of me
Time slips by
And you never even ask me
I wonder where your head goes 
do you spend your time picking daisies, face down in a rose…
Is it easy to fixate on boundless curiousity
while I swim right next to you 
But your arms never physically reach me 
you’re counting specks of a star in the sky 
scribbling results and debating with the passer by 
But we made a deal together you and I
As the beggers come to dilute my mind 
And the crowded halls push my spirit down inside 
I feel so alone and with you I yearn to confide 
But it’s been days and days 
Since time slipped by
You never even ask me 
And I never asked why…

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