Ten Minutes

If I had ten minutes to tell you
would you have ten minutes to listen?
Lay me down upon my cross 
The lopsided tenderness of a blue dress 

Let my body be an example of how imperfect
I am…
But look and see how far I have come!
The grooves in the wooden creases
All the sacrifices
Were not carved to come between us
My heart is digging
underneath the gravel for meaning
To find the faces of the lost ones
To ask if they could, would they do it again?
Or does it all seem small now inside the  walls of a coffin?
Walks and Talks
I have with myself
It all sounds so good
And the fruit ripens
Gleaming through the garden
And he picks me for my wisdom
And he picks me for my fulfillment
And he picks me because I am ready
Because I am
Dangling pears against the sun
Shadows subsiding 
She could be the one
If I had ten minutes to tell you
Would you give me your life?

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