This room smells like smoke
The kind from your cigarettes
And it’s giving me a headache
I really don’t want to be here
Yet I really can’t look away
I just want to scream at you
Why are you in this room?
Didn’t you think of me at all?
And how I would be alone?
I’m so angry with you
Because I have a deep love for you
Because I have a blood that is made from the same ink as you
My face was drawn in similarity to you
My shape was taken from resemblance of you
My mind gained knowledge from you
So we are of the same family of the same root
The same fence surrounding me, also sheltered you
You broke it
You died and came back
You gave me light in that tunnel so black
I can’t leave this room
I can’t leave you
Your beautiful face
With tubes dancing in and out of you
The irony that used to haunt you
The veins that tried to turn you
All the voices we never gave into
Now go quiet alongside the ghost of you
This machine breathes for you
I feel betrayed and lonely here
Everyone I love goes away here
Is that the lesson?
I miss you
And I’m done learning.

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