The baritone

The feeling is so low tonight

Even the devil has the blues 
We usually hum bits of the refrain
But tonight the choirs singing heavy 
In the back row 
A young mans vibrating baritone
Strong like a lion, carrying the sopranos 
He’s a bandaid to my bleeding spirits 
I came with a heavy hurt
A hearts fever I hope is not contagious
I’m stuck in this pew confused and passive
There are others too
Seats scattered among this church
Stoic faces 
Praying for a miracle or atleast something different
He paints my face as he sings 
The undercurrent of the harmony
A woman bearing her cross
As quick as it gets lifted it then again gets tossed 
We have our back against the wall
We pray to Mary and Jesus 
The tears weakly slide down their creases
Like chess pieces scattered on an ancient board
We are separate from the other
Praying Gods hand will not fail us like our brothers
Perhaps in this rustic cold church
We feel safe again
So we stay past midnight
Dried up tears, eyes closed
Like shutters over windows
Simply the sound of the baritone
Carrying the weight of angels 

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