Human eloquence

The night comes so quick
Like day can be so easily painted
With the devils brush
The apple drops atop my satin dress
Just as see through
Squeezing the fat thin
And I always said I had thick skin
I even bragged about it
On the corner heel up with a cigarette
He burns my happiness 
Just as it was touching my lips 
I can smell it
As the wind blows 
Behind it his staggered paces 
Hiding demons with halo faces
Maybe you’d be better off
They suggest, with smiles tinted in blackness
Planting a dark seed
That grows a forest inside me
Of weeds and dreadful things
Slowly killing the little girl
With the big princess dreams 
He’s won, finally
As she traces her favorite notes 
Delicate hands releasing hope
Laying down in the emptiness of his keep
We three kings of opulence weep

Blackmill~Spirit of Life


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