I’m in a funk

A low down dirty pain
My souls messy and unkempt 
My heart is a burning flame
The pain it shatters windows
And breaks down doors
The aching like a newborn baby
Crying and crying 
But I sit alone and silent
Click clacking with painted nails
Numbers and accounts
Spreadsheets and sleigh bells
Dulling my intellect
Laughter fake and erect
Inside the funk spreads like a mudslide
Taking down the foundations 
The safety where I can hide
Being vulnerable is to be naked in a crowd
Waiting for a warm blanket and soft hands
The pain instead of a wreckless wind
Stirring feelings of foolishness and desperation 
Instead of strength and bravey
And I swear I will never shed my clothes again
And ill zip my lips 
And just pretend
The still and small figure 
But inside the pieces break wider and wider
This is my funk 
And my torture
We must sleep to wake up 

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