My last winter

I miss the smell of the leather
When my car was new
But she’s faded like the winter
Covered with a soaking dew
I kinda forgot
Until I saw you 
Out of the blue
Oh how this friendships rotted through
Now we see scars rubbed with hearts of sandpaper
The core of misunderstandings and shifting moods
But I still miss you
Like that smell of leather
From last winter
Each second of time was different with you
Like the dna of a snowflake
Each one brought something new 
The cats scratching at the door now 
As the cars race under red lights
Time quickened into a sampling of anorexic appetites
We bit off more than we could chew
Never seemed hard back then
We fell into the waves
Instead of battling what was coming anyway
We used to dress to impress
Hearts decorated in laughter and kindness
I miss it
Your smells in the radio
Hiding in the backseat
When musics conversation would put us to sleep
Promises in the mix
Tears and hands
Wish life would’ve stopped right then
That’s what I remembered
When I saw you
My last winter 

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