Lords love

I love The Lord
Because He already knows the cries
Of this perplexed heart
That’s been swept aside
Crushed on and ignored
I love The Lord because
I don’t even have to ask Him
He already knows the things I’m wanting
I’m broken like a porcelain tea pot
The Lord restores me
The Lord is my song
My hurt rises above and beneath me
But like a mighty wave
The Lord crushes through and grabs me
Who could ever be close to enough of worthy
To care for the treasure The Lord has placed within me
He fills the gaps that seep out pain inside me
With a perfect love and gentle understanding
He does not judge my wild being
He directs my path and gives me wings
When I lay here and can hardly breathe
The Lord sprinkles warm melting droplets of peace
I remember thinking I knew someone
And then seeing a completely different face
Being incredibly hurt and how abhorrent the taste
Quietly weeping In this world of haste
How can anyone do such an act as this?
The Lord is gracious and bends so far down
To pick up His child clinging to empty ground
And with a perfect love that I don’t understand
The Lord cradles his baby
Like only a real Father can

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