It’s one in the morning
And the train is passing by
A wicker chair and a lonely porch
With flickering lights and cigarette smoke
And I’m talkin to God again
Just one last barter
Just one more try
One more miracle
To get it right
Wishin I could melt this heart
Wishin I could Squash this soul
This inconsistent life
Consistently digging in dirt
The layer of a melted sun
Swings absent to a plastic world
The melancholiac moon
The eerie time and placement
The fickle fingers
That make our decisions
To leave me broke again
Thought the ace landed in my hand
The once in a lifetime chance
But the wind is thick
Kicking up dust and rubble behind it
A broken sliver of shattered diamonds
I never know what God is doing
But I beg for answers
To be hard as a rock
And not feel the shock of indecision
The pale blue sequence of malicious dreams
That teased and haunted me
With a love that could set me free
I climbed the mountain top
Only to see
The endless miles of volcanoes
Scattered with bleeding claws
and a wedding ring

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