Penniless joy

The selfish world
lays on its back
tickeled by a materialistic god
and Im empty inside
You never notice
but i finally see tonight
the smile is fading
life’s deliberation
what they don’t know
What I live to hide
A wealth so free
When will we truly feel glee
I’ve been working tirelessly
Is this what my life is to be?
Decaying for another’s mans goal
While I spend all my time away from you
The hours tick by
Like a slow melting ice
Begging for sun
I’m trapped in this box
Away from the ones I love
To give them a life
But isn’t it about playing on an impulse
And rising above these doubts
That I’ll die hung over this keyboard
Still dreaming of a life with you
I grieve the times I never said your name
I should walk away
To die for joy
To know the stories
That make up the lines in their faces

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