Not yet taken

We can say we are over this
In our minds we know we cannot quit
Our body is a wallflower
Our heart is a clock
The fuel is on empty
The life lines are hemorrhaging
The numbers don’t add up
Dwelling in darkness
Turned off and stuck
You are always smiling
Then I noticed through the glass
When you suppose no one is looking
Your face a delicate sadness
Your eyes a heavy damn
Pushing back the tears
The looming landslide you hold in
If money grew on trees
I’d pick you daily bouquets
If joy came in the morning
I’d follow you with the sun
though my hands would be burning
But happiness is a cheap trick
The desolate temptation of ignorance
How she plowed the fields
Only to find the promises regress
The seasons arrive and pass
With an unchanged taste of hopelessness
She silently comes undone
the unhemmed dress
and a bitter wind
Has dropped her to her knees again

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