Covered in snow
Under the bleachers
A penny camouflaged
Under the dirt-
Stamped from soles on sneakers
Is that where you go?
I don’t know
I’ve lost hope
And I feel
Like I’m floating on something else
And it’s eating me alive
As I walk up the spiral staircase
As I pollute the ocean with my secrets
As I grab a drink at the bar
Just when I think it’s near from far
The joker smirking in the corner
“I told you so”
His smile grows as he makes ringlets from conjured smoke
I clap for his magic
He bows to the room
And I’ll make my way back home
And I won’t look for her again
My spectacles are tired
And hopes eyes can be tender liars
As the light blinks green
Two feet before the hand stops me
My soul takes leave from my body
The cars screech and swerve
The joker across the street
Where hope and I would meet
Disappears from where we are
Face to face with the stars
Girl now aware
Heart stops in a chest pocket somewhere
When we first made out
Under the moon’s night glare
Now I’m livin on somethin else
Better of dead
Or at least that’s what hope said



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