Isabelle you are my moonbeam
A mothers arms long to hold you
I say prayers at night underneath the stars and you
You are a strawberry daffodil
The miracle I am still here
Amongst the aching absence of you
I search through pictures and heartache
Just to find the memories with you
The anguish I wear everyday
From the loss, but you’ve paved my way
To strive and honor the cross
You are the queen of my heart
My little nightlight
Without you I am forever lost
Shaken and confused
From the foundations I was sure I knew
No one else may understand
The way I miss you
The pain in these hands
That clutched a new life
And how it flickered out
From the thief in the night
You are my arm, my leg, my eyes, my face
Without you I am unwhole and misplaced
The shower it hides my tears
The pillow it muffles my cries
The smile it blinds my sunken eyes
You are the map that guides my roam
The most perfect being I’ve ever known
It does not matter if I am forever alone
We shelter under your willow
My daughter you’re home
You are sunlight and strength
I believe you keep our better days
The light seems so fleeting now
A goodness comes then poof it’s out
In this darkness your love strikes the match
The glimmer of sun
A sensation on my tongue
The feeling you are patiently waiting
A mother and child reunion
Brings me back to life again.

                                                              Live-Lightning Crashes

8 thoughts on “Isabelle

  1. She's catching your tears and saving them. One day she will give then back to you, but there will no need for them in heaven when you reunite.


  2. TY for sharing such a heartfelt piece of your soul, Milady. I welcome the day when I can hold my Twins and their Brother again along with the rest of my Clan. Until then, they still reside in our hearts and souls. TY again.

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      1. You are indeed most welcome. Sometimes sharing one’s grief helps others to deal better knowing they are not alone, nor must they withdraw for fear of upsetting anyone. I feel that sharing is the best medicine and helps more than it hurts. TY for your kind words. I just try to be as positive as I can, there’s never too much laughter, smiles, love, and compassion in this world, but it’s not because some of us don’t try. );<)))))

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      2. Well you’ve brought much compassion and smiles to me today and its so needed. It has been healing for me to express myself and knowing im not alone is a big deal and comfort to me. Thank you George 🙂

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      3. I am glad to have made a little difference. Sometimes it’s so helpful to feel free to let loose and let go. It took me years to learn some hard lessons about sharing and being open without concern of being judged by my emotions or my opinions. I was and still am, I feel, my harshest critic. I’ve learn to let tragedy teach me lessons instead of avoiding it and withdrawing further into myself so far no one could touch me again. Two years ago, I entered social media for therapy kicking and screaming. Now I can’t imagine leaving without a big fight.

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