For whatever reason tonight

He brought me home
I’m not sure why
but i said yes anyway
Outside the skirt and tie
I’ve been a zombie
and just wanted to feel
Just feel something tonight
Life is grinding into my delicate shoulders
I’ve been a porcelain doll
Shattering under the weight of boulders
So i let him carry me up the stairs
I’m not sure why
but i let him anyway
I’ve been a fighter
Exhausted from all the times I’ve died
He undressed my wounds
and never said a word
His hands were cold
as they woke me up
His love was careful
I became a prisoner of his touch
Bound to my wrists
His fingers for bracelets
I surrendered to his nameless kiss
I’ve been a slender assistant
To undiscovered acts of magic
He formed me into sleep
Leaving proof we were not a dream
The wanted sting of feeling
I’ve been so broken
and he asked if he could try
I said yes
Never asking why

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