I don’t know how to trust

And I forgot how to see
After living in the darkness for so long
I forgot how to breathe
After sinking underneath it all
My heart forgot how to beat

You came along as I waded on the shore

Bare feet and backward strokes
You crashed awake my soul
Just like you’d been there before

I feel like a baby learning to speak

The words stumble out
Messy and unique
I can barely hold my hand out
A shaky introduction
Of a long lost hope

Tell me how to climb without a rope

Show me how love can be beautiful
My vocals still burn from where it choked
It’s more than just my second chance
I need a gentle lover
For these blistered feet to dance

You came along as I sat on my back porch

Writing stories and dreaming of more
Like a spark you pushed the darkness through
With eyes so familiar, like something I already knew

The ocean is rough

The coming waves I yearn to trust
The night is dark
My vision is blurry but I feel the spark
Your palms across my ribcage
Moving my breath like it were an art

Will hands be cradled
or will they depart
The requiem or the rebirth
of a tender heart


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