My Joe again

The day could no longer hide from us
The past screams terror
Remembering we no longer live there
In the garage with a shotgun
And borrowed arrows
I found you then
Steadying my restless aim
Laughing like we were little
The roots of best friends
Catching up to us again
There was a pang in your honesty
As you reached out to protect me
The strife and bad memories
Together we buried
With quick arms
And heavy shovels
Covered with the scent of this time

Life’s too short for us to die
When you had to leave
The hours scattered too quickly

Like a bird from a hunter
You flew away from me
Our homes
Our lives
Not like we thought
But we have repaired
The gaping hole
With soft hands and gentle love
An understanding
From the kids we once were
To the bond that grew us here
Apart once more
But never letting go

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