Jouer avec moi

Messing around

On a Friday afternoon

The days plans

Frayed from their stitches
His language
begs my translation

As he runs his fingers

Intoxicating my lips

My hair a mask onto his face

Bargaining with translucent hours

To play in bed a little longer

Eyelashes flattery

The creamy delicacy

Of hands

Possessing ankles

And smiles

Strangers dissolving
Hips introduced
Touches dig and swell

No trapped doors

Just a one bedroom castle

Like they say

The best plans

Are the ones we never made


4 thoughts on “Jouer avec moi

  1. This is as far back as this handheld time machine could take me this morning. If I had a month to sift through your work, I don’t know what it would be enough….you have such amazing talent SisterHeart…but it’s not really a talent so much as just who you are. Beautiful Shieldmaiden, so proud to know you. ❤

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