This Room

This room was made for dancing
Molded and shaped
Time treasured crafting
but this room has become
The gathering place for hurricanes
The windstorms have stripped everything
They survey the damage
but cannot fix the brokenness
This room chokes on dusty footprints
of those who visit
but never stay
This is my room
This is the bed I have made
The shutters crack and open
Light damages the life I cradled in the darkness
Imagining I was not alone
Truth so bravely shines in
Jesus is my only friend
The cobwebs tangle my hands
I shrink in the corner
Ashamed for all I have done
He does not bark He does not demand
He takes a seat beside me
and transforms my teardrops with his hands
This room is silent
Except for the quiet droplets of hope
Sliding onto the carpet
Revealing a sparkling floor
How can beauty blind the darkness
They’ll never comprehend
but it does not matter
For my redemption is found
Only within the grace of my Father
In this room
There grows a second chance
so when the storm comes to shake me
Ill greet him with a grin and laugh
For this room was not made to wallow
This room
Was made to dance.

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