Pleadin for this time

Just one at a table for two

we keep missing each other
I with I and you with you

Talkin to the stars on a clear night

now if only they would talk back
then maybe we’d get this right

Suspicions spew from my half tipsy mouth

you said you had some
but answers never come

I get hurt and upset
you say you don’t understand
same page different night
now if we could only get this right

The pillows speakin

but you’re not even there
just the smell of last night
whispers in my ear

The invitation is for us

but im alone in this blue dress
silk clings a little too tight
askin for the feel of your hands

Wouldn’t it be so much sweeter

if we can mimic what Billy says
and fight to help each other
all through this lonely night

Im sleepless and strewn

the saneness we never knew
I with I and you with you
Pleading you come into sight
Just one more chance
To make this right



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