Sinking Ships

Her eyes Gerber daisies
Her smile a string of polished pearls
Her skin a lucid melody
Of Beethoven’s moonlight symphony
A memory sewn in the thinness of my skin
How the needle ebbs and flows
I pray to be numb
But it stings every time
And ten small toes
Splashing in a bath tub
The transparency of running water
Where my hands cusped her feet
Keeping her afloat
Two princesses in the ocean
With banners and purple ribbons
I ran with her imagination
As I looked upon
Innocence gently holding my breasts
The life I so humbled to love
Now fingers clutch the yellow sundress
From April
Seven months of splendor
November November
When our ocean became a puddle
Oh now I stand alone
To grieve my tender soul
And trace the lavender glow
Abandon castles fall on a quivering planet
My crown is now in heaven.


2 thoughts on “Sinking Ships

  1. Reblogged this on Perso in Poesia 2015 and commented:
    I spent part of this day visiting a new friend, Soldier Girl. Started with the very first post and travelled the months from the summer of 2012. Reading every piece, my fingers blistered pressing LIKE…I would have reblogged every poem but waited to the end to choose the one that hit me the most. There were many, choosing was very hard but I made my hearts choice . The LOVE Soldier Girl has for her baby girl Isabelle who without a doubt has Angel Wings that brush her momma’s tears is evident in this piece. I have no parents to speak of but if I could choose one it would be a Soldier Girl.

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