Me then Charlie

Their havin a moment
getting past the hand holdin
I’ll take my lonely sorrows
to the corner of this patio
open a new pack
and flip my lucky cigarette
kick out a seat
for bucktooth charlie
his sentiments always entertain me
i puff and listen
to his rehearsin
the conversations and confrontations
he’s never gonna have
maybe if we could be ghosts to our past
i could tell her then
she made me this
a broken scarecrow
the fragile onlooker
watchin as the nervous lovers kiss

Then Charlie
flippin quarters anxiously
still whisperin mama
miles above her grave
yeah yeah
all the things we cry to change
i can calm your quivering hand
ill be her and you be him
tell me all the burned up dreams
rusted coins and cigarette butts
me then Charlie
corner of this patio
watchin them leave their table
the start of all we’ve forgot


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