For you

Wishin on a million wishing daisies
this night
this hovering maybe
what has become
of me and my baby
i wish you knew
how my heart is breaking
wish you knew my eyes you are taking
as you filter me through the crowd
and bring me to your side
wish for our hands
wish for yesterdays
wish for a future way
cant you see it clearer baby?
guess i just need to live for today right
can’t see past this blur
my tears won’t stop
and im not embarrassed anymore
the other boys dont know
nothin at all
they can’t even spell my name right
they don’t know i even write
you know my secrets
when you entered the trenches
i wish we could melt there together
you be my laughter and i’ll be your mischief
i feel sick to my stomach
that i can’t have you
im not sure anymore
how much time I am worth
forever is not enough
so it all seems too little
my mouth is dry from screaming your name
i have blades in my wrists
to trade for another pain
oh angel
come and come again
oh baby
can you take a moment
and remember when

~ willow

2 thoughts on “For you

  1. Forever is not enough, for someone like you. But anyone who recognizes the wounded Shieldmaiden within you would easily give up countless lifetimes to try and grant you one moment of elysium to catch your breath. I’ll never stop hoping for someone to come along and give you that moment of respect that you need, SisterHeart ♡

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