Not gonna be-

bring me down on my chin
munching concrete chips
shattered promises
burn like razor blades
the world and all its mystery
no longer intrigues me
returning to your cage
my suicide of rage
dangles on your shelf
placating darkness
oh precious box of empty wealth
temptress of materialism
the mouse cant nibble fast enough
consuming that which traps him
he continues to chew and choke on crumbs
tainted bait left by another
his blindfold anchored in knots
denial over what he has discovered
ignoring truth
old habits and dying youth
his choices
and I the consequence
the uproar of misunderstanding
prowls round my lucid being
the anger of your back
the arms of my skin
drying our proof with towels
sipping scalding espresso
the heart you put out of view
still races off sunset avenue

~ Willow

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