Kneeling Dawn

I am the perplexed vision of pain
look up the picture you will know my name
I need neither judge nor jury
for my own words are evidence against me
statements made of fact
presume I have lost all kindness and depth
seems no matter what i do
I’m bound inside a lightless room
no one asks they just assume
like my heart went from beauty to ashes
and I forgot how to be a friend or what tact is
The earache of goodbye
I tremble I cry
but still I’m pinned as the bad guy
I have love frantic to fly
but its more like a bird in a cage
It goes nowhere just tantrums with rage
how is it fair, it does not make sense
you point the finger without a witness
my heart is a bleeding hole
I used to believe but not anymore
I cant do it right
so I don’t do it at all
I gave my body and unclothed my soul
but it was not enough
cuz I’m still alone
I’m ready to go
I’m already drowning
the torture is the continuous breathing
the night bereaves my mind
to battle and destroy what I thought I knew
I wake up severed without any truth
pieces are scattered, my rooms a mess
my weak attempts at survival
I’m losin at this
I don’t even care just take me lets go
I love so much but it never gets show
so smash this girl
sweep her up
remove this life
undo these cuffs
I pray for an angel
but they all get taken away
life is a sacrifice
I kneel at the alter
chiseling my name

~ Willow

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