im on this cliff
in this rain
standing on the brink
being pushed away
from your magic hands
friendship from love
when i cant get enough
you push me away
im dragging
behind a speeding car
through all the lights
im reachin out
why are you pushin me now
how can you think
i could ever back away
when you begged for my love
in every possible way
now im an empty silhouette
shadows of your face
like permanent carvings
i cannot erase


5 thoughts on “Feel

  1. Friendship from Love. I know that to be friends with you, Love must be an equal part. Whenever I imagine you, sitting in your Universe, I believe you are the brightest star in that galaxy of emotion you write about. The incandescent glow of Love probably radiates from you. Being near you, others can probably feel that love like the Sun when you come out of the shadow of a mountain. All at once brilliant and leaving them thinking “I just want to stay here where it’s warm” ♡

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      1. To be perfectly honest, perhaps in another lifetime maybe. But it’s just the feeling I get from you, projecting out of your words. It tells me who you are. And I’m glad to have met you again.

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